Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme

(This scheme is applicable to 2020-21, 2022-23 to 2024-25 intakes.)

The “Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme" (the Scheme) launched by the University Grants Committee (UGC) to provide fellowships for local students pursuing designated taught postgraduate (TPg) programmes offered by the eight UGC-funded universities. Our MSc in Financial Technology programme had been selected as one of the programme to be supported by the Fellowship scheme.


Duration and Amount of the Fellowships

The fellowship students are required to pay a minimum tuition fee of HK$42,100, which is the prevailing rate of the UGC-funded programmes, and the differences will be subsidised by the fellowships subject to a cap of HK$120,000 for each student for the whole TPg programme, regardless of the actual study period and the mode of study. The fellowships will be used for the settlement of the tuition fee only.


Eligibility and Assessment Criteria

Local students, both full-time and part-time, who are admitted to the designated TPg programmes in respective admission intakes are eligible to this Scheme. To avoid double subsidy, students who are receiving other forms of government scholarship (except student financial assistance) for pursuing the same programme will not be considered.

The Scheme adopts a merit-based approach in selecting the most outstanding students to pursue designated TPg programmes. The award of the fellowships will take into account the students' academic achievements, professional qualifications, relevant working experience and achievements in other areas, language proficiency, interview performance as well as the proposals submitted by the students with special attention to their personal statement on how they can contribute to the priority areas of Hong Kong after completing the programme.


Application Procedures

Local students who are admitted to the MSc in Financial Technology programme will be invited for application.


Sharing by Tpg awardees

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