Master of science in Financial Technology

What is Fintech?

FinTech is an emerging discipline that focuses on employing technological innovations in financial practices. It leverages on the cutting-edge developments of artificial intelligence, data sciences and information technology to revolutionize the financial industry. The advents of digital currencies, crowdfunding platforms, robot investment advisors, big data analytics, and algorithm-driven trading strategies profoundly impact the ways people make payments online and offline, store and manage their wealth, and finance their businesses. On one hand, FinTech significantly improves end-users service experience, making the financial industry more inclusive and productive. On the other hand, it imposes a crucial challenge of understanding and analyzing its social benefits and risks economically, technologically, and legally, so as to foster its healthy developments.

What would students learn?

Upon completion of their studies, FinTech students would have acquired advanced knowledge in technologies such as cyber security, blockchain, data science, AI, etc. for finance and e-commerce, while maintaining a broad understanding of finance and law such as financial markets, financial engineering, regulatory policy, contracts, intellectual property for technologies, etc. These students would be able to identify, formulate, and apply their learned knowledge in solving problems in these areas.